Tuesday, 13 September 2011

back to campus,LOL!

coming back to campus as usual with swing mood..hahaha!wanna to stay at home..miss my home,seriously! continuing my study with headache..ape nk buat kan..degree's time~started the day with fun..yakkksssssss..hypocrite,,telling the truth that having fun met all my friends..miss them damn much..everyone had  their own mission,vision,aim n whatsoever for new semester..but for me,no mission no vision no aim,the only one STUDY for yourself!strive for yourself..begin and end with successful. i dont like to study,but i like to learn new thing.it's mean i dont like to repeat any subject n study the same thing..dont waste your time lol..the most important thing,be calm n peace..dont stress or pressure..chill with your life!

p/s:if u want to be a successful student,keep your time's sleep and quality of study well!

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